A New Take On Gun Laws


Please note that this is still a draft…

Let’s start by admitting that we have a real problem with gun violence.
Let’s also be clear that, with over 300,000,000 guns in private hands in the US, stopping the sale of new guns would be decidedly ineffective.

We all know that the gun problem is an entrenched issue, and none of the existing propositions has any hope of ever becoming law.

Here are a couple of new ideas to reduce gun violence, and not deny any law-abiding citizen their firearms..

If a person is found guilty of a crime — no matter the crime; from murder and rape to robbery or insider trading, even to trespassing — and a gun is found on the suspect’s person or within their immediate possessions (like their car, or other), a mandatory sentence of attempted murder is automatically added to the original sentence.
We would do this for the same reason that we maintain the death penalty. Indeed, it is now clearly understood that the death penalty exists in the United States primarily as a deterrent from the most violent of crimes.

The goal here is to cause criminals to reduce their reliance on guns as much as they can, all while keeping intact the rights and privileges of law-abiding gun enthusiasts. 

Indeed, if you’re and law-abiding citizen who owns guns, these sentencing guidelines would have no bearing on you as long as you don’t commit a crime.

This thought coming from the ‘we have to do something, but what?‘ category…