Republicans just love destroying the government — and cannot govern…


It’s easy to always be the one who says no…
It’s even easier to purposefully break something, and then proclaim that it’s broken!

Now that Republicans have demonstrated that they cannot offer a true alternative to the Affordable Care Act, their plan is to simply wait for it to collapse because of the serious damage they have wrought to it.

One of the fundamental implements of the ACA was the Individual Mandate; imposing a minimum of health coverage on everyone, particularly on the young and healthy, would reduce the cost of individual plans for everyone. This would also reduce the burden of medical services to the uninsured that we all end up having to finance.

It is important to remember that Republicans have essentially terminated the Individual Mandate in the early days of this new Congress (by removing its enforcement).

Therefore, unless they reinstate this fundamental part of the ACA, the cost for premiums will continue to increase at an alarming rate.

So the question is this: can Republicans recognize the fact that they cannot offer a proper alternative to the ACA, and be responsible enough to reinstate the Individual Mandate?
Sorry, that was just a joke..
Of course they will never reinstate the Individual Mandate, so, to the millions of people who rely on the ACA, get ready to pay for the Republicans’ shocking inability to govern!

Are we still in a democracy?


“i could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn’t lose any votes ok, it’s like incredible”Donald Trump.

Do you remember the good old days when we all thought this was a joke?

Well, 50-some days into mr Trump’s presidency, and it seems all he’s been doing is lying about Russian ties, being wiretapped by the previous President, and so many other petty things that i couldn’t list them here.

Meanwhile, his supporters, and the Republican party in general are upgrading their blinders every day, pretending he has accomplished anything of value — note that his ‘Muslim-ban’, his crowning achievement, has, so far, rightfully failed…

The worst part is that he was entirely correct: in the eyes of his ardent supporters, he can do no wrong.

One one hand, we are presented with his obvious profiteering, his obscene hate-mongering, and his blatant and appalling lies, his brutal and frightening attacks of the true* press, etc..
On the other, we find that no one in the Republican party is decent enough to challenge him, and his supporters worship him even more now…

So, the true question now is this: could our president just shoot anyone in the face?

Breitbart would call it ‘stand your ground’ (and the kkk would agree), and Trump-USATM citizens would call it a victory for white america…
Honestly, i think he’d get away with it..
…and that’s a terrible thing…
…because it means that, with every lie and impropriety, the United States of America are disappearing, giving way to Trump-USATM, where it’s pay-to-play-all-day baby!

So what is  Trump-USATM? Why it’s a kleptocracy, of course, just as his mentor Putin showed him…

*Note: i can’t believe that an adjective needs to be found — admittedly one better than ‘true’ — to distinguish the real press from the fake ‘news’ outlets so favored by Facebook, right-wing-extremist conspiracy theorists, and, of course, our compulsive liar president!