Can Republicans Win Without Rigging Elections?


It’s a valid question:

Can Republicans Win Without Rigging Elections?

For the second time in my life as a voter, the popular vote has been overridden by the electoral college in the Presidential election.
The electoral college seems to exist only in order to skew elections in favor of rural, hence less educated, voters. 

However, it’s not just the Presidential race..
In nearly all 50 states, Republicans have gerrymandered counties to such an extreme that the popular vote in local races is overridden more often than not; this means that Democrats gain a majority of voters, but Republicans win thanks to their arcane and obtuse gerrymandering..

So, again, the question becomes a fair one:

Can Republicans Win Without Rigging Elections?

It’s worth noting that, for months Mr Trump decried the fact that the election was rigged; little did he realize that the election was indeed rigged, in his favor… Mr Trump is the loser here, technically.

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