What makes the Trump campaign unique


The one thing that is radically different in the Trump campaign is that no one believes what he says, not even him (and this is a statement with which he is perfectly comfortable).

Indeed, this is the first time in the history of the United States when the people supporting a candidate  explicitly believe that he will not do what he pledges to do during his campaign, and that he will do other things, as yet unknown, when he reaches office.

This, evidently, is a benefit in his supporters eyes. 

The implication is that the candidate does not know what he will do, hence he spews nonsense that is immediately adopted by his followers, not as a pledge, but as ‘an idea’.. 

Essentially, Donald Trump is using his unprecedented media attention to ‘bounce ideas’ off of the Amercian public, and, as should have been expected, the wildest, most outrageous, and least democratic ideas (in the sense of Democracy, not the party) garner the greatest approval..

More soon…