Cruz’s Self-Fullfiling Prophecy


So many Republicans, including Cruz, keep lamenting that Washington is broken, but he, and more generally the tea party, are the ones who broke it!

The dysfunction in Washington reached new heights when, the very day of Obama’s inauguration, leaders of the Republican party decided to categorically oppose everything that he would propose. This has been the Republican modus operandi since Obama’s first day in office, and clearly continues today, as evidenced by the Republican refusal to even entertain an Obama nominee to replace Justice Scalia.

It should be no surprise that the Republican base is disappointed with their leaders since they have expressly chosen to do nothing to such a point that Cruz even caused two government shutdowns, thus causing the entire government to do nothing.

Now Cruz and is compadres are clearly being repudiated by their party’s base for their inaction.

Indeed, one can say many things about Trump, but not that he is prone to inaction. This, in fact, is a very strong message: Republicans are telling their leaders that they would rather unite behind a man who promises grotesque falsehoods and de facto impossibilities, rather than subsidize more of this inaction.