Democracy to dictatorship, for dummies


How do you turn the world-leading democracy into a hate-obsessed dictatorship?
Vote Republican, of course!


If you want the more complete manual to destroy your democracy, here you go:

1 – Create a fake news media channel that portends to be ‘Fair and Balanced’, but promotes only: the most egregious lies; wild and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories; massive hatred, bigotry, and racism. Oh, and when real fact-oriented media outlets point out your lies, just say ‘i’m not lying, they’re lying’ – simply repeat as needed.

2 – Get your entire party to undermine the very democracy they pretend to defend by consistently and virulently opposing any progress, passing no laws, shutting down government, etc..

3 – Get the same people listed in 1 and 2 to then bemoan the fact that the system no longer works: no laws are passed and the government keeps shutting down.. Then tell people they need to give more power to those who’ve been making sure that nothing works, so that they can ‘tear it all down’.

4 – Infiltrate and corrupt the highest law enforcement entities so that they can launch baseless investigations timed perfectly to cast doubt on your opponents’ credibility. Do it over and over and over again, never mind the fact that nothing ever turns up because one is always guilty until proven innocent in the court of public opinion. In fact, why not simply break the law and open a completely false investigation as people are voting!

5 – Get a nonsense-spouting idiotic failed businessman to run for the highest office based on pure hatred, racism, misogyny and xenophobia (make sure he’s still rich and entitled from his massive inheritance, though). Make sure he offers no real or concrete solutions, so that people imagine and project upon him their own desires. Also make sure that he lies so much about so many things that even the most dogged truth-seeking media simply cease to call attention to his lies.

6 – Enjoy the Republican way of life..