Roger Ailes’ Ultimate Triumph: The Downfall Of America and Post-Truth Politics


Roger Ailes, the creator and former leader of Fox News, more than anyone else, should be ‘credited’ for the Mr Trump’s victory.

Indeed, Ailes has been a master at creating a ‘news’ narrative (whether based on fact or fiction), and sticking to it no matter how little evidence supports that narrative, or even how much evidence there is to discredit it. 
The mere fact of sticking to a largely fictitious yet very sensationalistic story made it so that proper fact-based news organizations could not ignore the claims made by Fox News, and felt the need to examine those claims to show what, if anything, was based on fact, and what was not.
This turned proper fact-based news organizations into mere echo chambers for Fox News.
Indeed, it turns out that it didn’t matter what, for example, the New York Times, had to say about this or that outlandish claim by Fox News, as long as they said anything! 

Liberals are focusing their attention on Steve Bannon, the former head of Breitbart News, the ‘alt-right’ extremist propaganda organization.
However, Mr Bannon merely reproduced Mr Ailes’ playbook, with one minor alteration: drop any pretense of ‘fair and balanced’ or journalistic integrity, and dedicate their resources fully to entirely fabricated propaganda.
As i have mentioned in a previous post, the rise of social media, particularly with Facebook’s irresponsible approach to ‘news’, has made it so that Bannon and Ailes’ fabricated propaganda found massive audiences much less concerned with fact than with a good yarn.

If liberal ideas are ever to find their way to the common man again, and it is very doubtful (see upcoming post), it will first be necessary for proper fact-based news organizations and social media organizations to stop lending credence to the increasingly fantastical stories coming from right-wing propaganda outlets.
Note that i am, of course, not proposing a ban on right-wing thought; i am merely saying that it is time cut the cancer of post-truth politics at the root.