Deny, Deny, Deny – The Right-Wing Mantra


Listening to a story on Texans denying the overwhelming evidence that fracking may cause earthquakes, it occurred to me that it makes sense that Republicans would believe fake news so much more readily than anyone else…

Think about it: they’ve been denying so much truth for so long, that it becomes exceedingly easy for them to believe things that have been entirely conjured from thin air.
Evolution: no such thing! Just read the bible (in the original English, of course)
Paleontology: no such thing – if dinosaurs existed at all, they existed alongside man!
Geology: not true! – the Earth was created 4000 years ago!
Slavery: slaves were so happy! They loved their servitude!
The Holocaust: never happened; Jews invented it to […?]!
9/11: The Jews, again!
Global warming: a Chinese hoax / Al Gore get-rich-quick-scheme!
Obama: a dictator Muslim, of course!
Sandy Hook, and all other school shootings: made up by Hillary’s get-allguns agenda!
Trump: a kind, successful business man, benevolent, selfless, champion of Democracy, of course!

You may laugh — or, more appropriately, vomit a little — but i know for a fact that most Trump supporters believe 95% of the above insane claims..

In this light, how can we deny the power of the right-wing propaganda and misinformation found in their widely circulated fake news outlets (including Fox News, which invented fake news).

Republicans have been denying reality for so long, can they ever re-connect to it?