Post-Truth Politics – Quick note


I recently heard on NPR the The Economist journalist David Rennie use the term ‘Post-Truth Politics‘.

Not sure if he invented it or not, but i love this term, and the concept it points to has become both absolutely fundamental, and vastly under-reported.

It is now assumed by many, such as evidenced by Trump supporters and those who supported Brexit, that politicians are always lying, yet those who follow them can, somehow, know how to parse the truth among the lies.

This, in turn, allows those supporters to project onto their candidate any ‘truth’ that they favor, regardless of how much actual evidence exists pointing to the fact that their candidate is not telling the truth, and not committed to the idea(s) that the supporter has chosen to believe.

Thank you David Rennie for this term ‘Post-Truth Politics‘, which i think is, nowadays, a sad – but true – statement of fact.