Past Behavior…


As the saying goes ‘Past behavior is the best predictor for future behavior’..

This should give us pause when it comes to Donald Trump.

Indeed, while Mr Trump has readily (and repeatedly) declared that, in the past, he was out for himself and his family, he now asks people to believe that he will turn all of his efforts to the selfless endeavor of the presidency, and look out for those who have been ‘left behind’.

Many people seem to take him at his word — worse yet, they believe his his intentions align with their own, despite evidence to the contrary.

Let us first ask whether there is any evidence of any altruistic behavior in Mr Tump’s past.

One could point to Mr Trump’s foundation as evidence of generosity, but further investigation has demonstrated that his foundation has not received any money from Mr Trump himself in nearly a decade, worse yet, his foundation was used only to benefit Mr Trump, his family, and his business. At the very least, this is cynical, callous, possibly illegal, and it is certainly quite the opposite of altruistic.

Let us forget about altruism, and consider simple fair play.

Here, we find a (very) long list of people and small businesses that have been bankrupted, or at least lost great deals of money, by simply entering into contracts with Mr Trump that he later broke for no other reason than he just did not want to pay…

We are talking here mostly about the well-documented multitude of contractors whom he hired for a given task or product, and then never paid despite having received satisfactory delivery of those jobs or products..

This, in my mind, is the worse offense..

That he never gave money to charity, and used his foundation for his personal gain makes him a selfish cynic, but stiffing people after they’ve provided honest work is something else, namely, fraud.

Finally, there is ample evidence that he knowingly defrauded private investors and financial institutions when he engaged in his spree of bankruptcies, from which he richly profited while people and institutions lost millions upon millions.

Considering all this, how can anyone believe Mr Trump when he claims that he’ll suddenly change and not only stop swindling everyone, but actually help them!?!

There is absolutely nothing in Mr Trump’s past to support the idea that he would look out for anyone but himself.

What’s more, every single bit of information about his past shows that, if in office, he would continue this self-serving and abusive behavior and make every effort to divert presidential power for his own gain, at the expense of the American people, and the greater world population…